Electric Gate Products and Accessories
We have been using V2 gate automation products from italy, since 2005. 
They design and develop integrated electric gate systems for the gate automation of your home and business, affording you comfort, electric gate  reliability and safety in every aspect of your everyday automatic gate needs. 
They invest constantly in electric gate research and development,innovation and technology. This investment is reflected in the state of the art or their automatic and electric gate systems.

Loop Detector in Action

Loop Detectors
are an additional product to all electric swing and automatic sliding gate systems. Laying one and a half mm of silicon based insulated cable in a figure of 8 or square at any distance away from the electric gate. The loop detector picks up the magnetic field of vehicle and sends a command to the automatic gates to open before the vehicle arrives at the gate. The most common is a 1 channel loop for the automatic gates to open on exit, 2 channel loops offer the ability to open on both entry and exit.
GSM vartų automatikos valdiklis
GSM Electric Gate controller. 
Do you need a product which can provide electric gates authorized access system for car parking or door control mechanisms?
A product which allows you to turn ON/OFF your system, machines, equipments remotely? If yes, then all you need is eldes esim010 remote switch. Your cell phone can become your automatic gates Remote control. You don’t need any more the ordinary remote control, because you will be able to open your barriers and doors with your cell phone.
Just dial from Authorized User number and the Barrier and doors are opened. There are no call costs; the device rejects the call from authorized number.
The ACT 5 digital keypad
 is an excellent addition to the range of standalone electric gate access control products. With it’s “no frills” specification, the only requirements are access and egress. The ACT 5 comes in a stylish polycarbonate housing with stainless steel keys. 
It may be surface or flush mounted on to a standard single gang electrical back box near the electric or automatic gate.


The ACTentry A5 is an integrated solution making installation and programming quick and simple. The stylish entry panel and intercom are constructed of robust polycarbonate materials with an attractive and modern finish.

The entry panel is for use at the gate or door and includes an integrated ACT 5 digital keypad for pin acce




 Image result for v2 niuba barrier• A MODEL FOR EVERY NEED.

  • > Possibility of closing passages up to 8 m.
  • > Electronic adjustment of the limit switches.
  • > The new position of the control panel makes it
  • possible to operate in a vertical position.
  • • SAFE USE.
  • > The barrier features a very stout structure to
  • guarantee greater protection from vandal attacks
  • and constant reliability in use.
  • •